Agile User Story Map for JIRA          

Agile User Story Map for JIRA
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As Product Owner I can plan the Product Road Map

01 Agile Requirements Engineering
    Sprint 111

01.01 As a User I can differ story status by different colours
    Sprint 23

01.02 As a User I can recognise the issue properties by the jira icons
    Sprint 312

As a Product Owner track the projects's progress! A Progress Bar shows the progress by Epic.
    Sprint 32

As a Product Owner I can create meaningful reports!
    Sprint 32

Handle Encoding: " ' < > &
    Sprint 32

01 Cross Project Support
    Sprint 211

Story Mapping is a concept from Jeff Patton
    Sprint 35

Story Mapping helps to plan, estimate and schedule a sprint
    Sprint 35

02 Edit Issues on the fly
    Sprint 211

02.01 As a User I can edit an existing epic
    Sprint 33

02.02 As a User I can edit an existing story
    Sprint 27

03 Create Issues and keep track of the Big Picture
    Sprint 211

02.03 As a User I can move a story to another epic
    Sprint 22

03.01 As a User I can create  a new Epic
    Sprint 11

03.02 As a User I can create  a Story to each epic
    Sprint 33

04 Usability and Messaging
    Sprint 111

04.01 As a User I get for all interactions a success message
    Sprint 111

04.02 As a User I can use my favorite Browser and take my backlog wherever I go, thanks to a mobile web interface
    Sprint 33

04.03 As a User I can use mobile Devices
    Sprint 17

04.04 As a User I can follow a link from JIRA- Portal to the Story Map
    Sprint 311

05 Sales and Marketing
    Sprint 111

05.01 As a potential Client I can evaluate the JIRA Plugin at a online demo
    Sprint 111

06 Security and Integration
    Sprint 111

07 Additional Storie
    Sprint 13

07.01 Aditional Story
    Sprint 111

07.02 Aditional Story
    Sprint 311